About Our Mother of Perpetual Help

Our Mother of Perpetual Help congregation in Chicago operates under the auspice of the Most Reverend Oliver Oravec who was ordained in the underground church in Czechoslovakia in 1968. He was consecrated to the episcopacy in 1988 by Bishop Robert McKenna of Monroe Connecticut. Bishop Oravec lives in Slovakia and oversees traditional groups in Europe and the US. Under Bishop Oravecís supervision, Father James Kosek, who resides in the western suburbs of Chicago, attends to groups of the faithful in Canada, North Carolina and Chicago.

The Chicago congregation of Our Mother of Perpetual Help currently uses a semi-private oratory in the western suburbs, but we are committed to obtaining a permanent church facility where the mass and sacraments can be offered regularly. We ask that anyone interested in joining our effort to kindly leave us your contact information at: info@omperpetualhelp.com To correspond with Father Kosek please use: jkosek@omperpetualhelp.com If you have any questions or comments on our website or its content please write to: info@omperpetualhelp.com

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Our Mother of Perpetual Help, pray for us!

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